Logs in Streamlined Visibility and Analysis

At, we understand the critical importance of comprehensive logging for the successful development, deployment, and monitoring of GenAI applications. To provide you with a robust and efficient logging solution, we've integrated two powerful technologies: Log Flare and Google BigQuery.


What is Logflare ?

Logflare is a powerful logging service that streamlines the process of pushing logs from your GenAI applications to a centralized location. With Log Flare, you can effortlessly capture and transmit log data in real-time, ensuring that you have a comprehensive record of your application's activities, errors, and events.

The role of Google Big Query

While Logflare excels at pushing logs, Google BigQuery is the perfect complement for pulling and analyzing log data. As a highly scalable and cost-effective data warehouse solution, BigQuery allows you to retrieve logs pushed by Log Flare, providing you with a centralized repository for all your log data.

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