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Unlock the full potential of your GenAI applications with by connecting to a variety of data sources.'s flexible architecture allows you to integrate multiple data sources, enhancing the functionality and capabilities of your workflows. Whether you're dealing with structured databases or unstructured data streams, ensures seamless connectivity and efficient data management.

Data Sources

Key Features

  • Wide Range of Data Sources: Connect to databases, cloud storage, and more.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate data sources into your workflows without extensive coding.
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Handle real-time data streams for up-to-date insights.
  • Scalability: Support for both small-scale projects and large-scale enterprise applications.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure secure data handling with robust security measures.

Compatible Data Sources

Databases supports integration with various types of databases, enabling you to tap into existing data repositories.

  • SQL Databases
  • NoSQL Databases

Cloud Storage

Leverage cloud storage services to store and access large volumes of data effortlessly.

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Azure Blob Storage

File Systems

Work with local and networked file systems to incorporate file-based data into your workflows.

  • CSV/Excel Files
  • JSON/XML Files

Getting Started with Data Sources

Step 1: Selecting a Data Source

Identify the data source you need for your application. Consider the type of data, the required format, and the source's compatibility with

Step 2: Configuring the Connection

Navigate to the data sources section in your dashboard. Select the type of data source you wish to connect and enter the necessary configuration details, such as API keys, and authentication credentials.

Step 3: Integrating with Workflows

Once the data source is connected, integrate it into your workflows. Use's intuitive interface to map data fields, set up data processing rules, and create triggers for real-time data updates.


Connecting various data sources to enhances the functionality and versatility of your GenAI applications. By seamlessly integrating databases, cloud storage, file systems, and data streams, you can create powerful workflows that drive innovation and efficiency. Explore the diverse range of compatible data sources and take your GenAI applications to the next level with

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