Triggering Innovation

On, you can visually construct multi-step data processing pipelines using a drag-and-drop workflow builder. But every workflow needs a trigger - a condition or event that, when met, initiates the subsequent execution of your AI transformations, integrations and models.

Triggers act as the spark that lights the creative fire of your generative AI experiences. Some example triggers include:

Data Triggers

  • New file detected in cloud storage
  • Update to database records
  • Incoming stream data batch


Seamless Configuration

Setting up triggers requires no complex coding on The visual workflow interface allows you to simply pick a trigger source (e.g. Google Drive, Webhook) and define the specific events you want to respond to.

You can further configure filters, authorization settings, and namespaces to control exactly what kicks off your workflows. takes care of mapping events, authorization, and subscriptions under the hood.

Scalable and Durable

Like everything on, triggers are built using resilient, scalable, serverless architectures. They can automatically scale up to handle bursts of event volumes.

Events are guaranteed to be processed at-least-once, secured from data loss. Triggers seamlessly power your workflows, injecting real-world events and changes into your AI pipelines. Activate your ideas and build experiences that enrich lives - all sparked by highly flexible and automated AI workflow triggers!

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