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Generative Search
Returns the answer to a search instead of links to possible answers. Eliminates additional clicks and delivers a faster and more natural user experience.
Hybrid Search
Combines traditional keyword search with vector-based semantic search to seamlessly deliver more comprehensive search results.
Semantic Search
Vector similarity search instantly delivers relevant matches across large datasets.
Hot Swap LLMs
Out of the box managed connections allow you to seamlessly connect, load-balance, and test leading LLM models with your data sources, applications, agents and workflows.
Custom Model Hosting
Coming Soon!!
Bring your own model and create a closed system on top of Lamatic’s purpose-built GenOps platform.
Prompt Management
Tailor, test and track your prompts to accelerate prompt optimization and team collaboration with Lamatic’s prompt management interface.
Visual Query Mapper
Drag-and-drop interface allows intuitive SQL querying without code.
Extended Context
Coming Soon!!
Improve accuracy and relevance with the ability to configure and manage context to match your application’s needs.


Graph QL Caching
Cache API responses at the edge with a configurable TTL to reduce latency, inconsistencies and cost.
Semantic Caching
Coming Soon!!
Respond instantly to common questions regardless of phrasing to reduce latency and model costs. Can also be used to avoid storing semantically identical content.
Edge Deployment
Deliver results 3x faster than the LLMs themselves by executing on the edge with Lamatic’s high performance architecture.
Hosting Options
Lamatic offers full hosting flexibility: fully managed, private cloud or on-premise - it’s up to you.
Privacy Control
Coming Soon!!
Control the forwarding of PII and other sensitive information with Lamatic privacy filtering on outbound and return requests.
Coming Soon!!
Implement LLM retry and failover strategies within your Lamatic configuration to ensure application reliability.

Data & Integration

Data Vectorization
In batch or at run-time, easily vectorize your data with our integrated and highly performant Weaviate vector database.
Data Integrations
Real-time integrations with leading data sources allow you to seamlessly connect, deploy and continually optimize your data-driven GenAI results.
Front-end Integrations
Managed integrations with common front-end applications allow you to deliver GenAI content through tools your users already use in a fraction of the time.
Index Files
Vectorize and store file objects including image, audio and video files to support your multi-modal use cases.
Background Data Sync
Seamlessly synchronize your vector data in the background with time-based or event-based triggers.
API Integration
Integrate with your own custom API to send and receive data.
Multilingual Support
Multilingual embedding allows you to support a diverse user community.
Context Memory
Coming Soon!!
Store record memory automatically and include as part of the query.


Coming Soon!!
Your analytics dashboard allows you to monitor and quickly respond to your GenAI KPIs from one place.
Automatically log incoming and outgoing requests to support your detailed reporting and debugging needs.
User Feedback
Coming Soon!!
Automatically capture and respond to end-user feedback to elevate quality and customer satisfaction.
Vector DB reports
Coming Soon!!
Inspect your data to reveal insights and supercharge team learning.
Performance Monitoring
Real-time monitoring and benchmark-based reporting give you the tools and confidence you need to operate GenAI applications in production.
Coming Soon!!
Execute real-time model, prompt and workflow testing to make continuous improvement routine.


GraphQL Endpoint
A single endpoint is all the application team needs to define, return and inject (via JSON) GenAI content precisely where it’s needed.
Coming Soon!!
Lamatic’s library of customizable pre-built components makes application development even faster.
Real-Time Generation
Send and Wait simplifies development for real-time generative query applications.
Async Queries
Send and Forget allows you to queue generative queries and update asynchronously by checking the status task.
Query Streaming
Coming Soon!!
Send and stream LLM responses to accelerate end-user experience.
Encryption and role-based access allow LLM API keys to be used on-demand while remaining perfectly secure.

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