Startup Credits

Startup Credits


About the Program

Unlock the potential of your startup with the Startup Program, meticulously designed to propel your AI-driven endeavors. This exclusive one-year program is tailored for ambitious startups striving to build and launch AI products swiftly and efficiently.

Why Join?

  1. Up to $5,000 in Platform Credits: Dive into your AI projects with up to $5,000 worth of credits for our cutting-edge platform. These credits are your key to leveraging our advanced AI tools and technologies.
  1. Additional Value of $20,000: Beyond platform access, enrich your AI journey with $20,000 worth of indispensable resources, including Lamatic Advisory services and a comprehensive AI blueprint. These resources are crafted to guide your product from conception to market with expert precision.
  1. Tailored for AI Product Development: Our program is laser-focused on helping startups build AI products. Whether you're at the ideation stage or gearing up for launch, our resources and expertise are geared to accelerate your journey.
  1. One-Year Duration: With a full year of support, you have ample time to harness the program's benefits. This duration ensures that you can develop, refine, and launch your AI product with as your steadfast ally.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Early-Stage Focus: Startups must be in their early stages of development, typically within the first two years of their founding. This ensures that the program benefits those in the crucial initial phases of their business journey.
  1. Funding Threshold: Eligible startups should have received funding of up to $200,000. This criterion is intended to support startups that have shown initial promise and viability but are still in need of significant resources to scale.
  1. AI-Driven Innovation: Applicants must be focused on developing AI-based products or services. Proposals should clearly demonstrate how AI is integral to their business concept or product innovation.
  1. Dedicated and Skilled Team: A small but committed team is essential. We are looking for startups with founders and core members who possess the necessary skills and dedication to develop and execute their AI projects.
  1. Legal and Ethical Compliance: Startups must operate within legal and ethical boundaries, with no involvement in litigation or legal disputes at the time of application.

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